Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Deep Freeze"

Jacob had his first violin concert ever on December 11th. It was so cute. (Don't tell him I said that.)

Of course there is a picture like this. It wouldn't be Jacob if there weren't.

It has been snowing here for a few days now. And we are not used to very much. It started out as just a little and now we have a lot. They even canceled church today. Which was pretty weird. I didn't like not going at all. We missed the Christmas talks and lessons. And I love singing the Christmas hymns. I am hoping that the snow is gone soon and we can get back to life as usual. The only thing I like about the snow is how pretty it looks. We have a lot of big trees and everywhere you look you see this....

I do enjoy playing in the snow, but I would rather go away to the snow than to have it at my house. This is what our back yard looked like after the first day. It is much worse now, I just haven't taken a picture yet.

Fortunately we live very close to my parents house and every time it snows we walk over there. We only get snow a few times a year. I don't ever remember getting this much at one time before. Lorri and I helped push a car that had gotten stuck on our way home.

Frank and Jacob were having a snowball fight using my car as a shield. I have not driven it since it started snowing last Saturday. It has rear-wheel drive and every time that I drive it to work when it snows, it gets stuck in the parking lot and someone has to come pick me up. This year Frank dropped me off every day and either my mom or dad picked me up in their Suburban every day.

This may look like an action shot perfectly captured, but it's not. When he saw me take out the camera he froze. I don't even think he threw it in the end.

Here is the back of my car all covered in snow. And it is still snowing. Although this may not seem like a big deal to you Utah residents, we are rain people, not snow people. There is a thick layer of ice on all the roads and it is quite slick. We just may have a White Christmas this year.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 8, 2008

For all you Twilight fans!

Anyone who knows Lorri, knows she is a big Twilight fan. Of course she loves Robert Pattinson, the guy who plays Edward in the movie. Well, the kids and I were hanging out in the kitchen eating pretzels and Jacob just turns around looking like this and says, "I'm Edward." We cracked up.

On Wednesday Jacob had his D.A.R.E. graduation. Here he is with his friend Sam and Officer Correa. He had a lot of fun in the program. When we got home I asked him what he was going to say no to. He said, "drugs, alcohol and tobacco." And when I asked him what he was going to say yes to, he said, "chores". I'm so proud. I may have to remind him of this next time I ask him to do something.

We set up the Christmas tree last week. Here are some shots of it being decorated.

The kids wanted their pictures taken in front of the tree with their pets.

This was the best shot of everyone. Probably won't see it on a Hallmark card but it works for us.

Trying to get everyone in the picture was a challenge. One dog didn't want to participate and the other one looks like she was passed out.