Monday, December 8, 2008

For all you Twilight fans!

Anyone who knows Lorri, knows she is a big Twilight fan. Of course she loves Robert Pattinson, the guy who plays Edward in the movie. Well, the kids and I were hanging out in the kitchen eating pretzels and Jacob just turns around looking like this and says, "I'm Edward." We cracked up.

On Wednesday Jacob had his D.A.R.E. graduation. Here he is with his friend Sam and Officer Correa. He had a lot of fun in the program. When we got home I asked him what he was going to say no to. He said, "drugs, alcohol and tobacco." And when I asked him what he was going to say yes to, he said, "chores". I'm so proud. I may have to remind him of this next time I ask him to do something.

We set up the Christmas tree last week. Here are some shots of it being decorated.

The kids wanted their pictures taken in front of the tree with their pets.

This was the best shot of everyone. Probably won't see it on a Hallmark card but it works for us.

Trying to get everyone in the picture was a challenge. One dog didn't want to participate and the other one looks like she was passed out.


Julie J. said...

haha, it looks like the dog is dead... actually like the other one killed it. Cute tree.

Becky said...

Cute tree and cute family. I must have missed your picture. Wait you didn't post one! And I didn't see Johnny. Dang! I love the Johnny pictures too!