Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Six years and counting!

For our anniversary, Frank and I went to Leavenworth for the weekend. It's a small Bavarian town a couple hours away from where we live. It turned out to be the perfect weekend to go. There was a festival going on so there were a lot of street vendors, dancers, and unfortunately we got there too late for the parade. When we got to our hotel the office was already closed. But there was an envelope taped to the window with our key and receipt inside. Weird!! We had the "Fish" room.

See. Room 303, Fish. And yes, everything in the room seemed to have fish on it.

We stopped in this little Bavarian restaurant for lunch. We sat at a table in what seemed to be a hallway. It was really long and narrow. With just enough room for a row of tables and just enough room for a walkway. There were so many different places to eat and I didn't recognize more than half of the items on the menus. Fortunately there was a pancake house across from the main street and we had breakfast there. This is a picture of Frank in one of the candy stores.
There were people dancing in the street the whole time we were there. During the only break I saw they had a man who was yodeling while playing an accordion. They even had an area set up behind these dancers for kids to play. They had a climbing wall and one of those giant blow-up jumping things.

Our hotel turned out to be just a block away from the main street. Which as you can see it paved with bricks. We walked everywhere we went.

This man had his cart parked in the middle of the main street. I don't think he actually had anything in the kegs. I'm sure if he did there would have been a larger crowd around him.

Outside of the chocolate factory was this giant bear. I have a small orange dinosaur that goes everywhere with me and I take pictures of him. His name is Johnnysaur. And here he is.

We stopped at the Applets & Cotlets Factory while we were there. It was surprisingly small even though they produce a ton of this stuff every year. They had free samples out and they were pretty good.

Here is Frank with his awesome hairnet. They didn't have any Johnny's size.

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Julie J. said...

That town looks really fun. I want to stay in the fish room!